Wei Fei

July 2019

Wei Fei (b. 1987, YinCheng, China) is a Freelance Artist. He is graduated from Sculpture Department of Hubei Institute of fine arts in 2011. He has got a bachelor in literature.

He hold several Group exhibitions and the last one was on September 2018 in Zhengzhou International Sculpture exhibition and where he got silver award. Some of his Collections are “Zhengzhou Municipal people’s Government of China (2018)”, “Art + magazine (2014)” and “Chengdu Art Gallery (2014)”. For more information about him, you can check his website:


Wei’s Artworks

Statement 1
To seek for the “immanent affirmation” has always been the purpose and driving force behind my work. From “Tiergarten” – a piece of artwork Iproduced during my artist residency in Berlin, using silver foils to stone rub bullet marks left from the WWII, to “A38MM” – a series of acrylic paints on aluminum plates, there is a transformation from external narrative to symbolization and formalization. this is the result of my observation and analysis of simple emotional impulsions and one of my experiments on seeking for the “immanent affirmation”.

Statement 2
Canary in a Coal Mine
Material: Black cement, Brass
Canary is a beautiful bird. Her singing is not only pleasant, but it also has saved the lives of countless miners.
In the 17th century, British mine workers discovered that canaries are very sensitive to gas.  Even if there is a very small amount of gas, canary will stop singing. When the gas content exceeds a certain limit, canary dies.  At that time, under the relatively simple conditions of mining equipment, workers would bring a canary as a “gas detection indicator” every time they went down, in order to evacuate in a dangerous situation.
The influence of collective consciousness on individual is the direction of my art. My work “Canary in Coal Mine” attempts to convey a sensitive and fragile life experience.