Tingwie Li

July 2018

Tingwie Li was born in Yantai/Shandong, China , 1989.


Tingwei Li is a Chinese born artist based in Berlin, having recently worked in Beijing. She arranges information associated with objects of all kinds and engages in inter-disciplinary based research. Her current works are collaged installations created as sensors for transmitting the perception of unspoken and indescribable feelings. Visual elements, sounds, videos and ready-made objects unite the identity of self with intangible phenomenon, reflecting the emotional dissonance in the information era. Working through ideas of the body, specifically our pursuit of a “healthier” mental and physical condition, she is currently researching the way communities address contemporary health issues.


2011 – 2016 : Fine Arts, master studies, Berlin University of the Arts. Berlin, Germany

2014 : Fine Arts, MFA program, Hunter College of The City University of New York. NYC, USA

2010-2011 : Visiting student in the College of Pedagogical Education, University of Bremen. Bremen, Germany

2008-2010  : Photography and German, Tongji University of Shanghai. Shanghai, China

Recent Activities

Solo Exhibitions:

Could donut save us from drowning?, Surplus Space, Wuhan. March -May 2018
Feeling Good?, J: Gallery, Shanghai, China. March- May 2017
“ >< ”, EGG Gallery, Beijing, China. June- August 2016

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Summer of Love, J:Gallery &Design Republic, Shanghai, July.2018-August.2018
The Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China, Minsheng Art Muserum, Beijing.Jun.2018 –
Infinite Rehearsal, MoCube, Beijing. Jan.2018- March.2018
Bad New Days Ahead, Taikang Space, Beijing, Dec.2017-Feb.2018
Chinafrica.mobile, Performance, Weimar, Germany. 08.27-09.03 2017
Thank you for sharing, Projektraum OKK, Berlin, September-October 2017
“abc Art Book in China 2017”, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, August 2017
Being Information, SSSSTART Museum, Shanghai, July-September 2017
“Yell Space Programme Exhibition- Partial Archive“, Yell Space, Shanghai, May-June, 2017
Digital Samplers,The Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art,Chongqing,April – May 2017
No Commission Shanghai, Dean Collection, Shanghai exihibition center,April 2017
Noise,CAPO & J:Gallery,Shanghai,November 2016
2016 AIVA Contemporary,Starspace,Shanghai,July – September 2016
VOLATILITY, Galerie Gerken, Berlin, June – July 2016
Berlin School of Painting, Villa Renata, Basel, Switzerland, June, 2016
The Existential Crisis, Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, June – July 2016
Hyper Text, The Door Art, Beijing, China. April – May 2016
A great event is in the making, but no one has noticed, Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China. January 2016
Bits and Bobs, EGG Gallery, Beijing, China. August- September 2015
Art in the City, chi K 11, Shanghai, China. September, 2015
Not a state, but an artists’ colony, Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China. August – September 2015
O.C.D, EGG Gallery, Beijing, China. June- July 2015
Neue Sinnlichkeit, ehem. JVA, Magdeburg, Germany. May-September, 2015
Regina Pistor-Preis nomination, UdK Berlin, May, 2015
Anti-Physis, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, Germany. May, 2015
Perched In The Eye Of A Tornado, Ying Space, Beijing, China. March- April, 2015
Second Thought, Flowers Gallery, New York City, USA. January-February, 2015
Migrant I, Zhong Gallery, Berlin, Germany. September-October, 2014
European Project PHYSIS, Minigallery Assisi. Assisi, Italy. November 2013 -January 2014
LUXUS+, Museum FLUXUS+, Potsdam, Germany. October-November, 2013
PHSIS 2013, Goethe Institut Athen, Greece. October-November, 2013
Moments of Encounter, Confucius Institute Berlin. Germany. June- August, 2013
Starting point:”366 Tage involvement in Art”, Growing und Changing from 01. January until 31.December 2009“,
Shanghai. Himalaya Art museum, Shanghai. April, 2009


‚The Art Newspaper China 艺术新闻中文版‘, Jan.2016 – „The Romanticism in Vienna“
‘Scope 艺术客’,ISSN: 1009-8585, Issue 009. Dec.2014- City of Art featured, article „ Art center in Berlin after WWII“
‘PHOTOWORLD’, ISSN : 1002-6770, No.337, Jan.2010 – OFPIX Photo camp featured
‘PHOTOWORLD’, ISSN : 1002-6770, No.339, Mar.2010 ‘PHOTOWORLD’, ISSN : 1002-6770, No.343, Jul. 2010 ‘PHOTOWORLD’,
ISSN : 1002-6770, No.345, Sep.2010

Participation/Work Experience;

Forbes’ 30 Under 30 China 2017 in Art and Style
Artist residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, August 2016 – January 2017
Flux Factory Artist Residency, New York, July – August 2016
Feuerle Collection,Berlin. Art Mediator, since April, 2016
PHYSIS Project. Veria, Greece. Artist Residence, August 20 – September 13, 2013