Sarah Oos

August 2019

Sarah Oos (b. 1994, Wels, Austria) is a video artist based in Linz.
After graduating from the High School of Artistic Design Linz in 2014, she started studying at the department of Visual Communication at the University of Art and Design Linz.
Throughout working for the graphic design studio OrtnerSchinko and her work for the Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz, she begins to focus on graphic design and film. By focusing on the image, whether as a still (in film) or typography, she demonstrates use of communication tools and how they are rarely ever neutral and encourage users to rethink their initial origins. Her works shift between experimental montages following rules set by the medium and the aim to find a way to reduce interpretation by finding a way to cluster information.
Her work Femme Chanel was awarded in 2014 with the golden Nica U19, Ars Electronica Award and shown 2015 in Sao Paulo at the FILE Festival.

Sarah’s Artworks
This Video and sound installation separates the image form the sound, aiming to point out our imaginative eyesight. Considered in the medium film as seemingly invisible, the room for Interpretation lies between the image we see and the sound we hear. A kind of analogy to the landscape that is passing by and music/conversations we listen to while sitting in a car. A safe space around as the rest of the world is spinning around. The moving car shields us from the public around us and creates a small oasis of privacy opening up spaces for new associations and story lines.

A dialog of the Jim Jarmusch film Night on Earth 1991, is used to re-situate the final meaning within the individual visitor. This conversation between the cab driver and his passenger encourages this specific way of seeing. Inside the yard only the visual component is represented. The projection airs narratives with French subtitles. The same dialog is broadcasted in Persian as the car enters the scene linking the sound and the subtitles.