Sarah Feuillas

June 2019

Sarah Feuillas born in 1987, Dunkirk, France, received her Master degree at the Fine Arts School of Paris / ENSBA. She is sensitive to the perception of spaces and environment, her photographic and sculptural work is closely related to architecture. she create photographic series (borders, conflict areas, abandoned places, etc.) and develop, from these photographs, sculptures and installations mixing craft techniques with industrial processes such as screen printing, woodworking, steel or blown glass.

She describes the meaning and concept of her project as follows: ” Interested by several Iranian architectural projects like the Pearl Palace in Karaj, Maskan Mehr in Pardis or Persepolis, I created an installation which shows a reflection about the willingness of buildings such fantasy and what remains. House of strength is an installation mirroring another dimention, a time capsule from our perception. The title has third meanings; it could mean a place where you improve yourself as well as a powerful building but it is also the English translation for the Zurkaneh. Known as a folkloric and spiritual sport, athletes train themselves almost every day but they never fight. Repeated movements associated with unfamiliar tools they used to perform, create a ritual out of time. There are some footages looping on screens next to a print of an unfinished / destroyed gate of Persepolis. In front of it, a neon sign with alternate light reminds us that our ruined desires could take the shape of mirage and belongs to another time.”