Saddie Choua

February 2018

Saddie Choua is a Belgian-Moroccan filmmaker, writer and mixed-media visual artist, who was born in 1971 in Belgium.


Saddie Choua studied Sociology in Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. She expanded her political critique of inequalities into the art and media domain, bridging art with her academic experience through political art of documentary, video installations, mixed media collage and short stories.

Recent Films / installations

Le joli Mois de Mai, (solo) exhibition Ten Weyngaert, Brussels
Group exhibition, Show me your archive and I will tell you who is in power, KIOSK Galery, Ghent
Premiere ‘Je crois qu’il y a une confusion chez vous. Vo u s c ro y e z que moi je veux vous imiter.’#FatimaMernissi, Kaaistudio’s, Brussels
The Chouas – A Work in Progress #Episode 3, Human(art)istic festival, De Beurschouwburg, Brussel
BORG 2016, Biennial event for contemporary art, Antwerp
Solo exhibition The Chouas – A Work In Progress – Gallery St Lucas Art School, Antwerp, Belgium
Solo-exhibition, The Chouas – A Work in Progress, MU.ZEE, Ostend, Belgium
Group exhibition The act of staring at the sun, Zwart Wild, Ghent, Belgium
The Chouas – A Work in Progress #3 , Marrakech Biennale, Morocco
Masterclass + pop-up exhibition with the students, St Lucas Art School, Antwerp, Belgium
Festival de l’ Egalité, Art center, Voorruit, Ghent
Research Residency Ostend (R.R.O.). Vrijstaat O / Mu.ZEE – Seksism-o-thèque (in progress), with the support of the art department of the Flemish Community
Artist residency La Cité International des Arts, Paris
video-installation ‚I’m sorry, I can’t offer you tea, my hands are a little tight’, Beursschouwburg Brussel