Roberto Santaguida

May 2017

Rob Santaguida was born in 1981 in Montreal, Canada.


Rob Santaguida studied film production at the Montreal Concordia University and finished his Master of Fine and Media Arts in 2011 in Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD).

Recent Activities

Fato A Mano Productions
Director/co-writer/cinematographer/producer for the documentary film Goran
Director/cinematographer/producer for the documentary film The Avenuers
Director/editor/producer for the experimental film Haikus for Karaoke
Director/writer/editor/cinematographer/producer the documentary film Miraslava
Director/writer/editor/producer for radio documentary AWOL
Co-writer on adaptation of Hugh MacLennan Prize-winning novel Look For Me (in development)
Eye Steel Films
Researcher on feature National Film Board of Canada documentary proposal Skateboarding and the City: experience public space
Festival distributor for feature documentary S.P.I.T.: Squeegee Punks in Traffic (Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Göteborg International Film Festival, Australian International Documentary Conference)
Production assistant on feature-length documentary Up the Yangtze (Sundance Film Festival, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Toronto International Film Festival)


Doubt tends to be undercut on a regular basis, which is a shame because it is one of our scarcest commodities these days.  The trend is to know everything all time.  If you hesitate or even wobble for an instant you may be lost.  A healthy dose of doubt is what keeps us humble, keeps us looking for something that resembles certainty; even it is beyond our grasp.

I have been collecting impressions.  Talking, asking questions, telling stories, taking notes.  I have been trying to pay attention.  Keiman, Felippe and Naïmé are impossible not to like.  Put these three parts together, and they spring to life with ideas and notions.  They have taught me a lot, and this new work bears their influence.  The residency has, by chance, brought together an alignment of people that I feel fortunate to be wedged between.


This film, which is not complete at the time of the writing of this statement, is a documentary.  It is not a non-fiction film though.  A contradiction perhaps, but it is crystal clear in my mind.  I haven’t made anything up, just cut and pasted some ideas from my past, especially the last three weeks, from some poignant anecdotes I have come across, which the reencounters may or may not recognize, when I am through with them.  I am acting like a sieve through which a tiny piece of reality must pass through in order to reach you, imperfect, gangly and dubious.