Pieter Huybrechts

May 2015

Pieter Huybrechts is a visual artist from Brasschaat, Belgium.


Pieter Huybrechts got his master in Photography from Antwerp Academy of fine Arts in 2003.

Recent Exhibitions

‘Curating The Book Project’, icw Erki De Vries, Galery Valerie Traan Antwerp
‘Curating Space’, EMWAP Festival, SALT Beyoglu, Isatnbul
‘The Image generator’, Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp
‘Try-Out Curating Space’, Near East, Istanbul
‘Le Pli/De Plooi’, WorkPlace Antwerp
‘Playground Festival’, M Museum Louvain
‘Published by MER’, Paper Kunsthalle, De Vleeshal Middelburg
‘Book1 L01 2018 – Erki De Vries & Pieter Huybrechts’, Frans Masereel Centrum Kasterlee
‘Revisited’, SECONDroom Antwerp
‘Urban Landscape #1′, WorkPlace Antwerp
‘The Book Project’, icw Erki De Vries, Lokaal 01 Antwerp
‘ARASTT’, toonmoment, icw Luc Vleugels, Warande Turnhout