Pierre Laurent

June 2014

  Pierre Laurent is a visual artist who works across a wide array of materials. He is interested to site specific works and details are so important in his works. Mostly the objects he appropriates become his materials, all the while referencing his experiences and the places of his work. During the past years he has participated in various publics, exhibitions, workshops and residencies.


Pierre Laurent received his diploma from the National Superior School of Fine Art of Paris in 1999. He lives and works in Lyon.

Recent Exhibitions

Tibou ti patapoum, theater for younger audience in collaboration with Bidul’theatre company, Lyon, France
L’art, l’enfant, l’artiste, Musée des Moulages, Lyon, France
Cinéma ouvert à la nuit, La Menuiserie, Lyon, France
Trames: ways nommés désir, cultural development project, Lyon, France
L’armure de samouraï, collective work with disabled adults, , Lyon, France
Le regard des Autres, Biennale of Contemporary Art of Cotes d’Armor, Lyon, France
National park of Courneuve, Paris, France
Biennale of Contemporary Art of Lyon Off La Menuiserie, Lyon, France