Pier Paolo Patti

February 2019

Pier Paolo Patti (b. 1978, Nocera Inferiore, Italy) is an Italian visual and video artist. He has been working for twenty years in the field of the arts and audiovisual production. His work is characterized by an evolving experimentation and a continuous research on new languages. Pier Paolo Patti has shown his works in solo and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad, taking part in famous festivals of audiovisual and electronic arts. Making installations, short films, performance, and video installations, Pier Paolo Patti has collaborated with international artists and musicians. The subject-matter of the personal reflection of the director is an existential conflict, with an extreme metaphorical expression, and provocative violent, emotional, and intellectual themes, the artist turns the conceptual subject-matter of his work into investigation of the different forms of human infringement, abuse, and oppression inflicted by the contemporary societies.



thesis in stop motion animation at IED – European Institute of Design – Rome

Recent Activities

2018 SOTTOSOULI – profondita della superficie – creativity stations, Spazio MIL – Sesto San Giovanni ( Milan )

2018 TRITTICO DEL DIS/SENSO – curated by Franco Cipriano – TARUMBO – Scafati ( Salerno )

2017 DIRITTO AL FUTURO – Italian artists selection curated by Afrodite Oikonomidou for IGAV – The Museum of 20th and 21st Century – St. Petersburg – Russia

2017 NESXT Independent art festival – Leggermente Fuori Sede – Spazio Bianco Gallery – Turin

2017 VISIONI LIQUIDE – contemporary art section – IV Edition La Citta Incantata Film Festival



2015 Viaggo – Prize ” CINEMA DEL REALE ”

2015 San Salvatore Telesino

2014 Cervignano Film Festival – best photography

2014 O CURT festival of short film XIV edition – 1st classified Naples section / Napales



Art is a special means for changing people’s thinking and the books are the best way. Tehran can be considered as the first step of a large cultural project, with a political and social character that wants to overcome the ideological borders that are shrinking, multiplying, and fragmenting the idea of future, through learning and sharing knowledge. The project focuses on creating books, rebinding pages together; pages with different stories. The project is about a library building composed of fragments of different origins and sources; materials used by associations, NGOs and institutions working in pacific sections. Food wraps, pictures, notes, textiles, photocopies, packaging, fragments of documents, and drawings that—bound together in volumes—tell a new story. Considered as an object, the “book” takes a sense of divulgation: transferring, teaching, saving, learning, and knowledge. A choral work that tells in different ways the harmonious cohabitation between people, respect for man, peaceful cohabitation among different religions and cultures. The project will extend to all Mediterranean area, sub-Saharan Africa, Palestine, Syria, investigating the relationships between the people involved, the change of migration flow, and the balance between the Orient and the Occident.