Pamela Diamente

November 2017

Pamela Diamante was born in 1985 in Bari, Italy, where she already lives and works.


Pamela was graduated in Sculpture in 2016 at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bari with a work analyzing the connections between art, science and new technologies.

Recent Activities

Solo Exhibition
curated by Giulia Bortolozzi and Maria Villa, The Open Box, Milan, Italy.
de sti no, curated by Michela Casavola Rossmut Gallery, Roma, Italy
On/Off, curated by Dayalis Gonzalez Perdomo,Visual Arts Center

Provincial Department of Culture of Matanzas, Cuba, curated by Dayalis Gonzalez Perdomo

Group Exhibition
Matteo Olivero Prize, Antico Palazzo Comunale of Saluzzo, Cuneo, Italy.
Viafarini Open studio, Milan, Italy.
ART PROJECT FAIR XII EDIZIONE, ArtVerona, Rossmut Gallery, Verona, Italy
Premio Cambiamenti, Bastogi palace, Firenze, Italy
BNL Media Art, curated by Valentino Catricalà MAXXI

Museum, Roma, Italy
Quotidiana16, curated byStefania Schiavon Center Altinate, Padova, Italy
Maretti Prize, Center de Desarollo of Visual Art L’Havana, Cuba


Annizero at curated by Marilena Tursi FAL Gallery Bluorg, Bari, Italy