Meher Afroz Vahid

August 2019

Meher Afroz Vahid (b. 1991) is a Mumbai based artist. She received her MFA from School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shiv Nadar University (2018) in Delhi and her Diploma in sculpture from Sir J. J. School of Arts (2016) in Mumbai.
Meher Vahid is the selected artist of the exchange program between Kooshk and @space118_studios. She is staying at Kooshk for the month of August and her open studio will be on August 30th, 2019.

Meher’s Artwork

Origins, destructions and settlements in between.
The connections, intersections, passing on, carrying forward, reflections and transitions are the only areas in which i see a culture or cultures persisting.

The works done are an outcome of finding and bringing forth these areas of persistence through materials, motif and inscriptions which are used. Juxtaposing them in a way where the work takes a position of a question in itself, struggling to understand the present conditions which are enforced within the culture where these materials or motifs come from.

Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) for example, was first found in Persia, Iran. It was used for the process called fulling (cleaning) of the wool. The first mills of fulling were found here from 11thC. The indian name of the same clay comes from a city named Multan in Punjab, India (mordern day Pakistan). Metaphorically adressing the thixotropic  quality ( a time dependent sheer thinning property) of the material to state the impermanence of a land. A condition which can be created by nature as well as by mankind with its interruptions into the daily system of things.

Similarly, the motif of paisley which has travelled from Persia to India and was most developed by Kashmir a state in India, has become an identity of their culture. Srinagar the capital of Kashmir where the motif is largerly used, has been suffering being the reason of dispute since 1947 between India, Pakistan and China. For how long the motif represents the state as their identity is not known.