Mansi Bhagat

September 2018

Mansi Bhagat (b. 1995, Surat, India) has studied Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. She also holds a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Arts, from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. She has held several group exhibitions and her works have been included in a number of art festivals in India. Mansi has been awarded the Harmony Multimedia Scholarship for Best Display from Veer Narmad Sought Gujarat University, Surat, India

Recent Activities

2017 Ekam Workshop, Government College of Fine Arts, Thrissue, Kerala
2017 Group Exhibition Arte Mondiale, Ahmedabad
2015 KIPAF (Kolkata International performance Art Festival), Kolkata
2014 Workshop with visual artist Alok Prabhakar, Tapi Festival, Surat
2014 Group Exhibition, Nostalgia, Birla Academy of Art, Kolkota


Harmony Multimedia Scholarship, Best Display Award from Veer Narmad Sought Gujarat University, Surat



Physical marks have been considered one of the earliest images made by human beings. As Yuri Borev concludes in his article, “The Origin of Art,” published in 1988, “Labour (hunting) and the magic ritual preceding it gave rise to the first picture, [which is] that of a wound.” This primitive notion of making plays an important role in my process. Marks reside inside lines, shapes, forms, textures, colors, and every other thing around us. The color white draws attention to the shadows, and flowing lines that depict form and shadows create depth. For example, cracks on a white wall create forms because of the shadow they create. Here, shadow creates a drawing on the white wall. Texture is affected by changing lights. The contrast of colors creates misperception that can make an element to be focused on. When a dark object is placed on a very light background, it appears to be darker than it really is. In my work I used the same phenomenon to create visual misperception.