Magdalena Kreinecker

February 2019

Magdalena Kreinecker (b. 1993, Upper Austria) studied Graphics and Printmaking at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She currently lives in Vienna, working as a visual artist and printmaker. Magdalena Kreinecker’s works meanders across various printmaking techniques within a wider painterly context. Whether in painting, graphics, or sculpture—without hierarchy and using division of labour and construing togetherness—she works with found footage and objects. Kreinecker uses silkscreen, etching, linocut, or digital print on paper, wood, fabric, and other material as a bases as well as a starting point for forms of combination and connection. In order to present her prints and images, she assembles and often sculptures things as a form, emphasizing the formal and semantic commonalities rather than the fractured lines and torn edges. A major part of her artistic practice consists of the examination of objects and their properties, their forms and the principles based on which they relate to each other. She plays with concepts related to daily life, intimate experiences, and social issues.

During her time in Tehran, she basically started to think on a new book. She brought some materials, a camera, a hand scanner that can be used to scan different surfaces, a lot of pens, and some paper. While working on the concept of publication, she drew a lot. she collected signs, symbols, textiles, observations, recorded sound, and eventually found myself in a particularly creative mode.