Linyu Xu

July 2019

Linyu Xu graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and has a master in oil paintin. Her main works are films, images, and painting.

For her, filming is more like a survival game. She has to throw herself into trivial things of life to experience and find the goal of work. Only without presumptions she can fully understand the threads of thoughts which are far-reaching behind the alienation and the bizarre. Her interests are the ways she can get into the society, ranging from the study of family relations, idol worship, and the logic of psychological analysis.

Linyu’s Artwork





Title: Roya

The dream is full of fading memories. They weave an unknown world in fragments. The unexpected scenes blend together: the transparent person moving his invisible body meaninglessly, the roll of the drums, and a man with selfie stick, videoing the wrestling match in the sea. All the imaginations have self-limitation. I try to understand my irrational choices under the certain and uncertain situations. It becomes an inevitable problem to find my position in reality again on the march of self-recognition.