Laure Catugier

June 2019

Laure Catugier, born in 1982, Toulouse, France, comes from an architecture background. Her work is based on its codes that she misappropriate, with the aim of bringing a new focus on the norms of measurement.
Her practice consists mostly of photography, video, sculpture, and sound performance in which she experiments with the geometry in space.

She describes the concept of her project as follows: ” During my residency in Kooshk I focused on the modernist architecture of Tehran. The city has grown significantly between the 30′ and the 50′, that’s why the city owns so many buildings from that period. I collected photographs from urban spaces without any individuals on them, that give the impression of an empty city, deserted, a sort of dystopia. With the sound artist Rafael Cañete Fernández, one of the other KARA residents, we decided to collaborate on a video work called “Organ” in which I present a selection of these photos with a sound track of his. Another type of works I have produced during the residency is playing with the perception of space, or the illusion of what we see. In some videos I realized here, I used the minimum of material: an empty room as neutral as possible ( Deegar Platform or  Darbast Platform), a light bulb hanging from the ceiling, some standard chairs you can find everywhere. By confronting these objects to their own shadow, I allocate them a second reading: the empty chairs seem to embody a human presence.”