Kaleb de Groot

November 2017

Kaleb de Groot (1974, Haarlem) describes his work as psycho-geography, a term that encapsulates his work and lets him investigate the relation between geographical locations/forms and individuals that operate, live in, and utilize these surroundings. Through these investigations, De Groot emphasizes on architectural manifestations and the fragile balance between form and power. Creating visceral installations in public space and inside the white cube to test and question the perpetually shifting glocal agreements and the psyche of communities and individuals. He has worked on many different projects in China, Zambia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Curacao and his native Netherlands, where he resides and from which he works.

During his 2017 residency at Kooshk, Kaleb de Groot researched the overlapping qualities of documentary and fiction film in Iranian Cinema. He himself uses his work to present a counter movement in the perception of information structures. For instance, the 2016 documentary
“Imagining the dutch” has a pivotal moment when a 3D animation, primarily used for special effects, enters and deconstructs the expecting narrative of the film. Whithout being surreal or emblematic. The poetry whithin documentary film was the basis of his research during the month November, in which he stayed in Teheran. Researching exhumed films, interviewing filmmakers and getting to know the semantics and grammar of Teherani society from whithin. He came to the conclusion that he organised a meeting with a GIANT, without knowing the size of him/her beforehand.
The very rich introduction to the Iranian Cinema the he enjoyed while being in Teheran was and will be in the future very helpfull for upcoming projects. The glimpse has created the wish to return.

Recent Activities

Solo Exhibition
‘PUN’ National Museum, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.
Safe art space, Amsterdam.
120 minutes, Art Brussels, Belgium.
Counter Memory 004, 37PK, Haarlem, the Netherlands. (with Iben Molenkamp)
Revisit Exquisite, Service garage, Amsterdam.
Southwest abstract company, 1646, The Hague.

Group Exhibition
Rethinking Home, Tastbaar Verleden, Amsterdam & Jakarta.
Voyage autour de ma chambre, Het bos, Antwerpen, Belgie.
Souffler, VZL contemporary Art, Amsterdam.
KAAP, Fort Ruigenhoek, Utrecht.
On Fresh Soil, W139, Amsterdam.
Present Forever, Fatform, Amsterdam.
De Nederlandse identiteit?, Museum de Paviljoens, Almere.
Gold, W139, Amsterdam
The Island, Fatform, Amsterdam.
Counter memory 005, Maximum City, 14th Jakarta bienal, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Informality, SMBA, Amsterdam.