Huang Juan

July 2019

Huang Juan (b. 1991 Chongqing, China) is living and working in Chongqing. She has got her B.F.A and M.F.A from Oil Painting Department, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Her solo exhibition was Variable Flow, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2016

Her Group Exhibitions are Boundary of Painting 2019, Sanders Project 2018, Becoming 2016, The Grammar of Printing: Invitation exhibition of young artists 2015, Soft Abstraction as Constellation 2014.

Huang’s Artworks
Title: Silence
The recent direction of painting is relatively clear. I’m not going to do an abstract work. Abstraction is a way of expressing me, one of the Styles; I gradually suspect that I only use one way to express it, and at the same time I can’t find a better expression. The method of “I” is related to the real world and experience. At this time, my painting is more related to the physical experience. I concisely put myself in an un familiar environment. The things are difficult to enter because of aphasia. On the one hand, the body and mind are tied to the dizzy head. On the other hand, they try to open the clouds and reach out to touch, imagination and knowledge don’t work. What role does it play? I’m a person who has been pulled out of college. Every day, I try to brake to the cognitive system that was solidifies before. This kind of overwhelming situation alternates with the pursuit of value. When I want to express the most direct feeling, the image becomes an obstacle. Visually becomes a big part of the work and it also becomes a problem. I use different material collage combination, strokes, shapes and hopefully living to some levels, some watch path; When I describe some impressions, I consciously deal with some images that are difficult to identify, even unreasonable. I’m painting things which unclear, reminding myself at any time, is this the only way?