Hasan Hujairi

October 2014

Hasan Hujairi is a composer, sound artist, and independent researcher who divides his time between his native Bahrain and Seoul (South Korea). His sound art performances and installations build on his academic interest in Historiography and Ethnomusicology, which he presented in different venues in Seoul, Tokyo, London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, New York, Beirut, and Bahrain. Hasan is also an accomplished Oud player.


Hasan Hujairi participated in art residencies in the Korean National University of Arts (Seoul, South Korea), STEIM (Amsterdam), and the Red Bull Music Academy (London) for his activity in Sound Art and Music Composition. Hasan’s academic background includes a BSBA in Finance from Drake University (Iowa, USA), a Masters degree in Economic History/Historiography from Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan), and Ethnomusicology research at the University of Exeter (Exeter, UK). He has in the past acted as curator at Al-Riwaq Art Space (Adliya, Bahrain) and has been involved in other independent art initiatives in Bahrain. He is currently pursuing his doctorate studies in Korean Traditional Music Composition at Seoul National University’s College of Music.

Recent Exhibitions

Monologue v2. Sound Art Performance/Lecture. Bukcheon Music Festival. Seoul, South Korea
A Monograph, Performance, and Workshop Series, Commissioned by the Vancouver Biennial, Vancouver, Canada
Chongganbo Cartography Number 1. Commissioned Electroacoustic Music Composition, National Gugak Theater, South Korea
Micro-Festival of Electronic Music, Sound Art Performance, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Interactive Audio/ Visual Installation, Edge of Arabia Exhibition Space, Shubbak Art Festival, London, UK
Experimental music performance in the Sharjah Art Biennial for electric Oud, Khorfakkan, United Arab Emirates
Sound art performance, Wild Animals Exhibition at Imjingak Peace Park, Paju City, Gyeonggi-Province, South Korea
Improvisations for electric oud and live electronics with Luigi Pizzaleo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Punishments vs. Nibblatron, Al Riwaq Art Space’s ALWAN338 Festival, Idly, Bahrain
A British Council Initiative, Celtic Connections Music Festival, Group performance, Glasgow, UK
Midnite Sons Project/ Elham Arts Festival, Bahrain Fort Museum, Group Performance, Bahrain
Megamix303/ Elham Arts Festival, Bahrain Fort Museum, Group Collaboration, Bahrain
Performance, Vibrophonic Festival, Exeter Phoenix Arts Center, Solo performance, Exeter, UK