Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzej Wojtas

December 2014

Ewelina Aleksandrowicz (Tikul) and Andrzej Wojtas (mi$ Gogo), also known collectively as Pussykrew, are collaboratively working within the area of ‘new’ media. Their interdisciplinary practices range from multimedia installations, 3D landscapes, video short forms and audio-visual performance – to DIY electronics and object design.
Started with hacked VHS players, now using both ‘traditional’ and custom made tools, Pussykrew is creating gender-bending visual journeys, filtered through carnal data mesh, liquid apocalyptic dysphoria and 3d fantasy shuffle.
They are constantly trying to challenge the viewer, through an exploration of post-human identity/ bodily queerness/ urban landscapes and their transformations/ multi-sensorial physical affection.


Ewelina Aleksandrowicz  and Andrzej Wojtas have a Master of Research in Digital Media from Newcastle University, UK. They awarded many scholarship prizes such as: Artist of the Year – 3D Print Show London, 3rd prize – video Forbidden Places – Bochum Video Festival, Germany, Digital City Fellowship, Institute of Digital Innovation, Middlesbrough, UK, Business Voucher Scheme, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK and University Bursary Scheme Funding, Newcastle University, UK. Currently they live and work in Brussels, Belgium.

Recent Exhibitions

3D printed sculptures exhibition – 3D Print Show Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
Parallel Vienna, Art Fair – exhibition at Palais des Beaux Arts – Vienna, Austria
Berlin Art Week, Profit Prophet, Team Titanic, Germany
Giddy, video screening – EXIT Festival – Maison des Arts de Créteil, Paris, France
New Definition, exhibition at Science Friction, Copenhagen
Video presentation, The Factory, Hong Kong, China
Soft Shell, interactive installation at Mira Festival, Barcelona
Playhead, video screening at DATA DRAPE, Spamm Arte Exhibition at Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris
B | W | R, video installation premiere at Saatchi Gallery London, Red Never Follows
Leila, Welcome to your life, video presentation, Fete l’Anime, Lille, France
Composting the city, Composting the net, audio-visual performance with Shu Lea Cheang, Martin Howse, Ayumi Matsuzaka –
HKW – TRANSMEDIALE Festival Berlin
From Before Now, video installation, Screengrab,  Exhibition and New Media Art Award – Townsville, Australia
Seas of Tranquility, audio-visual performance, Vision’R Festival – Paris, France
Leila, Welcome to your life, video screening, Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage, Germany
Video screening at European Media Art Festival, EMAF, Osnabruck, Germany
Music, Video, Art Conference, Exposures Festival, Cornerhouse Manchester, UK