Elisabeth Altenburg

September 2017

Elisabeth Altenburg was born in 1983.


Elisabeth Altenburg finished her master studies in 2010 in Sculpture – Transmedial Space in Linz University of Art.She currently lives and works between Linz and Asperding.

Recent Activities

„Elisabeth Altenburg in der galerieFRAU“, Haus der Frau, Linz, Austria
„ZWEI“, Martin- Luther- Kirche, Linz, Austria
Kunst im Kabinett, Galerie Schloss Parz, Grieskirchen, Austria
„SägeWerke“ Galerie Walderdorff guest at the Salzkammergut, Austria
„3XALTENBURG“, Deutschvilla Strobl, Austria
„one man – one note” – re/calling Siachilaba’, Deutschvilla, Strobl, Austria
„Hinter den Bergen das Meer“, Galerie Walderdorff, Germany and South Tyrol
Elisabeth Altenburg und Gabriele Chiari, Kunstraum St. Virgil, Salzburg, Austria
„Georg Trakl 1914, 2014“, Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg, Austria
„Zacherlfabrik 2013“, Ausstellung Zacherlfabrik, Vienna, Austria
„Meerstein Jungfrau Gottesmutter“, Kreuzschwesterngalerie Linz, Austria
„local heros #6“, Galerie der Stadt Wels; MKH Fabrik, Austria
„Two Installations- Elisabeth Altenburg, Wolfgang Rahs“, Maurer Zilioli– Contemporary Arts, guest at Galerie Jordanow, München, Germany
„flaschen“ eine Installation in der Weißen Galerie, PHDL, Linz, Austria
„Schools of Art Vol.2“ in der HfBK. Dresden, Germany


I am always searching for new shapes and new ideas!

To come to another country and live and work there for a while is every time a great experience. I can concentrate on my work while seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling a different culture. Because of all the new impressions I am finding new shapes, colors and themes with which I would like to experiment.

My studio in Deegar Platform is a very good place to experiment. I would like to use it as a white cube and try out different new ideas that I get during my stay in Tehran.

(But I have to say, one month here is much too short to turn all the impressions into a good artwork.)