Dean Kavanagh

September 2015

Dean Kavanagh is an independent filmmaker from Ireland and a member of Experimental Film Society.


Dean Kavanagh holds a degree in Media Arts, and has also composed music for film. He has also worked as a freelance cinematographer and has won awards in this field.

Recent Exhibitions

Cloud of Skin: ‘Making Of’ Featurette  – collaboration with Maximilian Le Cain
HSP 191-199 – collaboration with Maximilian Le Cain & Rouzbeh Rashidi
Friends with Johnny Kline
The Curse of Johnny Kline (Anaglyph 3D)
First Transmission
HSP 176 – collaboration with Rouzbeh Rashidi
HSP 181-190 – collaboration with Rouzbeh Rashidi
The Last of Deductive Frames  (scene 9)
Late Hours of the Night (5 part mini-series)
Revenants on Trial (Single-channel loop with sound)