Cristóbal Sarro

November 2017

Cristóbal Sarro was born in 1992 in Puebla, México.


Cristóbal got graduated in 2014 from Bauhaus University of Puebla in Plastic Arts. He lives and works in Puebla.

Recent Activities

“CURVE DEL OLVIDO” individual exhibition gallery La Miscelánea, UNARTE Puebla Mexico.
Collective exhibition, Art Forum PANDEA, Puebla, México
Pictorial sample and conference. World Environment Day Los Cabos Baja, California, Mexico.
Jury review of portfolios BEHANCE 2017, Casa Urdimbre Puebla.
“13 SQUARE METERS” individual sample of drawing, Gallery The male, saints, Puebla.
Exhibition and process sample Centro Cultural Border, Mexico City.
Pictorial intervention on bus Red Star City tour and process sample, Puebla, Mexico.
Live wall intervention, Casa Nueve Gallery, Cholula Puebla.
“Cemeteries” individual exhibition Galería Affirme México D.F.
“Sin Retorno” collective exhibition, Galeria Wendel, Puebla, Mexico.
“Afther line” collective exhibition, UPAEP Museum, Puebla.
“Cemeteries” individual exhibition Casa de arte EL Leñero, Atlixco Puebla.
“Cemeteries” individual exhibition Gallery Wendel Puebla, Mexico.


In my work I try to always search for the black color in different materials such as ink, pencil, paint and graphite, this has been my basic technique to create my work. Another class of pigments of animal origin has been added, such as the cochineal pigment and pigment made with bull bones using these materials in different surfaces such as wood, paper and wall.

The representation of animals in the scientific drawing and the study drawing is a primal basis in my work, then I use sketchbooks gather information and from there I continuous to the draw all the of elements in the paper.