Bao Dachen

July 2019

Bao Dachen (b.1993 in Anhui, China) is living and working in Chongqing, China. He is Graduated from printing major of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and he is also one of the founders of the the Art Practice Group “CWI”(Chongqing Work Institute) with others in 2018.

He usually uses video, text , painting, installation and other comprehensive media in his art works. He practices usually stems from the perception of space and time in a historical, social or daily context , and try to describe and present the relationship between human being as subject and reality through specific practical projects.

Bao’s artworks

During the residency at Kooshk, I have done some work on video shooting and research. I am interested in the narrative experience that emerges from the overlapping of modern Iranian society and complex historical civilisation, and in what way these products manifest themselves in human beings.
In the meantime, I used video to record some of my trips and experiences in Iran, and try to retrospect the history of the Astronomical Silk Road in the way of intervening in reality. In my new video work, I will try to build a complex juxtaposition narrative structure, and it contains multiple realities. In this structure of reality and fiction, I will narrate the relationship between a real experience of “the other and strange land. I will use the media combination of video, live installation and printed material to build and present a space together, and under this space, there is no special distinction between the foreign land, only the concept of locality.