Asaki Kan

May 2016

Asaki Kan was born in 1980 in Tokyo, Japan.


Asaki Kan got her MFA in Sculpture in The Slade School of Fine Art. Her work varies, from installation, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography to glass. She currently lives and works in London.

Recent Activities

Summer Salon, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
RED Xmas, 1.1 Gallery, London
Journey, Arebyte Gallery, London
ART WEST, ACME Harrow Road Studios, London
Polarities, RRGallery, St. Peter’s Church, Notting Hill, London
ART WEST, ACME Harrow Road Studios, London
My Chinatown Arts Exhibition, Westminster Reference Library, London
ART NW10, ACME Harrow Road Studios, London
2D Works, The Wise Owl Venue, London
ART NW10, ACME Harrow Road Studios, London
ACME Open Studios, Harrow Road, London
Creekside Open Studio (Deptford X), Deptford, London
1st Land Art Biennial Mongolia 360˚, Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Mongolia
New Designers (Glass), Business Centre, London
Moment(s), Westminster Reference Library, London
Field Recordings, FIVE YEARS, London
Final Show (Glass), Kensington & Chelsea College
Final Show, Kensington & Chelsea College
Mid Show, Kensington & Chelsea College



`Transparent Memory‘  (2016)

(Heat, Copper, Water and Sand from the Desert , 128 x 180 x 300cm)


My work in this project is a combination of my experience in Iran and my memory in the past. Since I came to this country, I have experienced all kinds of weather in spite of this short stay, and wanted to use this natural phenomenon as universal non-verbal language through my work. As I am always fascinated by heat, I wanted to work with it somehow as well as using materials and space I found here. (The materials such as mirror, copper, and water, which can be found anywhere, and I often use them in my work. But the experience of walking and observing historical places as well as local streets here spontaneously led me to use them. And especially the sand, I wanted to use the very actual sand I saw and felt with my hand in the Desert.)

As water falls onto the ground drop by drop, it evaporates to the air, which is an elemental circulation of weather. As time passes by, I wanted to see how each watermark leaves its trace on the copper. It might turn to green later due to oxidization according to property of water.  Water in the tank might get dried out if it does not rain. But that indicates time, and I believe that my work still works even if the tank becomes empty as it will rain someday and one day.

Although the initial point of this work is very personal, I would like people to see, hear, smell, taste, feel, and think in their own way freely without any pre-conception, and get inspired by. My work is an extract capture of this universal perpetual actual time we are living in, and this work is temporary in tis space, therefore not everyone would experience it. But I hope that they would remember somehow when they visit here again or wherever, and whenever, as a transparent memory.