Ali Hashemlou

January 2020

Ali Hashemlou (b. 1989) is a composer and sound artist who lives in Rasht, Iran. He studied theory of composition under the supervision of Ali Ahmadifar in Rasht city. He moved to Tehran to complete his basic studies in Art supervised by Nader Mashayekhi who is a prominent artist in his field of expertise. Moreover, he is a part time organizer of some sonic events. He is currently developing some sound installation ideas to be performed in public places and historic urban structures. He is also performing some experiments on the sympathetic resonance capacities between sine waves and different objects around.
Ali is the selected artist of the exchange program between Kooshk Residency and the Beethoven Foundation in collaboration with German embassy in Tehran.

What are scattered in the streets converge in the square. A square is a place where different forces meet and shortly hesitate to go their way in a narrow space. These hesitations bring about new encounters and circumstances, turning into an opportunity for a short, unexpected visit. The shapes and sounds merge and conform to the square to make kinetic and audio textures in various free rhythms which are constantly moving and changing. The pulse of the city slows and weakens in such density; the loud voices cloud the square. This cloud of voices has an ever-moving nature, whose density rises and falls at times. Sometimes, it takes one single color and sometimes it represents a spectrum of colors.

In the square, every phenomenon is studied through its relationship with other phenomena. The area of the square, similar to a frame on the ground, encompasses the dynamism of the urban life. This situation is brought about by the urban environment to make us hesitate a moment and re identify our relationship with our surroundings. We, too, like primitives, need our own perception of and the way for re identifying nature. Our nature is the very city in which we live. One of the ways of knowing and relating to this nature is reinterpretation of its events in ritual and theatrical forms that acts as an intermediary between us and our surroundings.