Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (TADAEX) was founded in December 2011 to open a new window toward digital art in Iran and to create a serious and independent atmosphere for the enthusiasts and researchers of this field. The generally non-commercial nature of digital art among contemporary art mediums on one hand, and the expensiveness of digital art tools and equipments on the other hand, makes it difficult for the Iranian artists to work and gain experience in this field. Therefore, there might be limited works for display and presentation. Also, the limited academic background and experience needs help and management. With all these shortcomings, during the past two periods, international artists have been invited to take part in TADAEX for interaction and exchange of experience. This has paved the ground for development and enrichment of Iranian digital art production and presentation.
TADAEX04, was fourth round, had planned to present selection of Iranian and foreign works, hold workshops, lectures, multimedia performances, and introducing international associations and festivals. TADAEX04 provided a chance for digital art artists, specialists, students, and enthusiasts to review the contemporary trend of this art in Iran and in other countries and exchange views and experiences with one another.
To realize maximum possible participation of Iranian artists in a completely free and competitive atmosphere, organizers decided to select and display works of Iranian artists through a public invitation for presentation of digital art works. Kooshk as a residency partner of the program hosted invited artists Teo Park, Yachar Valakdjie, Hasan Hujairi and also  David Brull who was one of the juror.


David Brull
Refik Andol
Ida Momennejad
Thomas Grill


Alireza Memarian
Amir Tehrani
Behnoud Mohammadi
Frederick Rodrigues
Nasim Biyarjomandy
NodeTadaex (Amir Bostan-Gerog Scherlin)
Pegah Tabassinejad
Pouyan Mohseninia-Taro Morimoto-Christopher Jon Andersen
Sarvenaz Mostofey
Seyedeh Melika Banijamali-Hoda Farazandeh-Hanie Ghadimi-Nasim Motalebi-Noora Vahidian
Seyyed Mohammad Esmaeel Emadi
Sona Safaei
Soroush Gharehbaghi
Stefan Tiefengraber
Teo Park
Yachar Valakdjie


VVVV Multi-Purpose Toolkit (joreg-Florian Egermann)
Realtime Web-Based Audiovisual Systems (Mani Nilchiani)
Electroacoustic (Hasan Hujairi)
Open Frameworks (Frederick Rodrigues)
Pure Data (Dr. Phil. Thomas Grill)


Extended View (Thomas Grill)
BK26 WM_EX10 TCM_200DV A1.2FPP (Stefan Tiefengraber)
Known and Unknown (Siavash Sojoudy A.K.A S.S.M.P)
Scattered Memories (Saba Alizadeh)
Untiltled (Peyman Rezvani-Reza Vojdani)
Neurite Night (Various Artists)
HG (Mohammad H. Zareei)
Untitled (Hasan Jujairi)
A.K.A Xsix (Farhan Mohajerani)
Beside Lingcod (Amirsaman Gord)