Goal of the TADAEX/NODE  Residency Program is to establish an exchange between the media arts scenes in Iran and Germany, and to connect the communities that have emerged around each festival. One German artist invited to Iran and one Iranian artist selected to go to Germany in 2015. Both residency periods are 2 weeks and lead into the respective festival. The selected artists were invited to both festivals, and are encouraged to collaborate.

For these two weeks selected German artist Georg Scherlin lives and works at Kooshk Residency and is part of the TADAEX media art festival and the selected Iranian artist Amir Bostan will live and work at the production and exhibition platform basis e.v. in Frankfurt a.M., Germany and is part of the NODE – Forum for Digital Arts. There he meets his German exchange partner Georg Scherlin at the festival and they collaborate on a new work that will be shown in TADAEX festival.