Beyond Borders Festival – Inspiration

Beyond Border Festival in collaboration with Kooshk Residency organizes a new phase of project named “Inspiration”. Marcin Szydsisz and Adam Kruk from Poland joined this program held from February 23rd to March 1st, 2016.

This project is intended for youth a mutual effort of two countries – Poland and Iran. The focal point of all of the artistic activities having place during the project is local and foreign cinematography.¬†Film becomes a “mirror of the culture” – a tool to understand uniqueness of the own country’s culture and generation, and also understanding of differences and similarities present in other cultures.
Youth is encouraged to observe and reflect on qualities of their own culture. Later they use this process to apply the same approach to understand culture of other countries taking part in the project.
The key element is active participation and engagement of the youth, who:

  • select home country films worth showing to peers from the project partner countries.
  • create own artistic pieces based inspirations from the foreign countries (project partners) – e.g. films images, photography, literature).
  • collaborate in the festival production process.