Open Call for Young Iranian Curators

Curatorial Exchange Program (Iran – Norway)

13-27 April 2015 Tehran

24 August – 7 September 2015 Bergen


Application Deadline

25th March 2015


Within the field of art, any topic and piece of information can be the subject for scrutiny.  It seems contemporary art is created on a foundation of on-going critical dialogue, not only with itself, but with any other field of knowledge as well. As a consequence, our understanding of this field of activity is not solid, certain or permanent. It seems to be in a constant line of inquiry, creating various forms of knowledge and narratives.

There is some key issues related to the curatorial practice, among them are understanding of concept and context, as well as the practicalities of production. The curatorial language, in the form of selecting and displaying, is in itself pedagogical and thus directed towards an educational frame. Education is mainly based on exchange of ideas. A curator will most likely establish dialogues, usually open-ended, when working with artists.

This dialogue based international Curatorial Exchange Program is organized by Kooshk Residency and Stiftelsen 3,14 aim to share curatorial knowledge between selected Iranian and Norwegian curators. The curators from Norway are rather senior in the field, so the exchange will work both cross culturally, but also cross generations.

First part is held on April 13th to 27th 2015, in Tehran-Iran. Two Norwegian Curator will exchange and dialog together during these two weeks of collaboration with two younger Iranian Curator on their two weeks of collaboration. During the program there will be series of talks and panel discussion.

The second part will be held on August 24th to 7th September, in Bergen-Norway. The same Norwegian and Iranian Curators will participate in the second part. There will be also series of talk and panel discussion.

Selected curators will work together to develop a sketch for a common project. Project will be start in the first part in Tehran and will be continue until the second part in Norway. The outcome that will be an exhibition between Iranian and Norwegian artist will be shown in 2016 in Tehran and Bergen.

Curators will be provided with a living space. The application is open for independent young Iranian Curators under the age of 40 who are interested in exchanging ideas.

Applicants may consider that this program has two parts. Accepted participants have to take part in both.


Selection Criteria

Applicants will be evaluated by a committee of the organizers mentioned above, based on their communication skills and teamwork abilities, potentials, CV and portfolio qualifications and will be informed by e-mail within 10 days after the deadline.


How to apply

Iranian curators can apply by filling the online form at Hardcopy and email submissions are no longer accepted.


Stiftelsen 3,14 (Foundation 3,14) is a non-profit art institution centrally located in the heart of Bergen, Norway— almost exclusively working with international exhibitions and partnerships, with an emphasis on contemporary art beyond the western discourse.

Foundation 3,14 is committed to knowledge production, presentation and interpretation of the work of innovative artists in all media, promoting creativity and artistic exploration.

With our program we aim to reflect upon the complex nature of international contemporary art and different contemporalities, served to a diverse audience.

Foundation 3,14’s exhibitions, presentations, educational activities, strive to investigate the dynamic and provocative nature of contemporary art, Foundation 3,14 presents and questions the present for the future. The focus includes presenting artist with established and reknown voices, recognizing the work of emerging artists, placing different media into new and meaningful contexts and defining alternative movements and endeavors.

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