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Iran – Portugal Exchange Program

Residency of Portuguese Artist in Tehran, Iran: August 2018
Residency of Iranian Artist in Lisbon, Portugal: December 2018

Application Deadline
June 30, 2018

Kooshk Residency and Hangar Center for Artistic Investigation present an exchange program between Iran and Portugal for one Iranian and one Portuguese artist. This exchange program exists out of two parts and will be held during August 2018 in Tehran and in December 2018 in Lisbon. The Residency program is aimed to visual artists, including photography, film and video, performance, painting, sculpture, drawing, etc. Artists are expected to speak and understand English, as the official language in the Residency program.

During a residency of one month, the Iranian artists will have the opportunity to work in Lisbon, Portugal within the international residency community. They will be introduced to the Portuguese art scene, be invited to gallery openings and meet Portuguese artists. The program will end with an open studio.

The Portuguese artists will have the opportunity to work in Tehran, Iran and collaborate with the Iranian artists. During this one month, Kooshk team will accompany the artist to the opening of several galleries and art and cultural events.  Kooshk will also introduce the Portuguese artist to local public of artists, students, and art critics. The program will start with an artist talk and will end with an open studio.

The application is open for visual artists from Iran, interested in site-specific practices and the socio-cultural context of Portugal. Applicants have to be interested in exchanging ideas and consider the participation in both parts of the projects. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of the organizers mentioned above and will be informed by e-mail.

For the Iranian artist, Hangar will provide a private room with shared facilities (bathroom and kitchen) the artists can also use a shared space to work (not a private  atelier/studio). There is an Open Day at the end of the residency, when artists talk about their research and show what they have produced during the residency  in the shared space.

All the expenses for airfare, insurance, medical coverage for the duration of the program, any visa fee and the living expenses such as travel and food will be by the artist himself. Iranian artist is responsible for all required travel documents including visa and insurance.

Program for Portuguese artist in Iran includes: accommodation (a shared room) and studio space for the period of their stay in Tehran that will be provided by Kooshk Residency. Kooshk arranges an artist talk in the beginning and an open studio at the end of the residency for the Portuguese artist.

How to apply

Artists can apply by filling the online form at
Hard-copy and email submissions are not accepted.
Applications received after the deadline date will not be considered.
Inquire here with any questions: