Open Call for Arts Residency Managers

Res Artis MENASA Cluster in collaboration with Kooshk Residency
January 2020 – December 2020

Res Artis MENASA Cluster and Kooshk Residency present a program for Arts Residency Managers based in MENASA Region. This program will be held from January 2020 to December 2020 and Kooshk Residency will be hosting one arts residency manager for each month during this time.

The motivation of the program focuses on the exchange of ideas, resources, and problem-solving solutions for the organizations involved. This program allows participants to observe and reflect on various organizational aspects while gaining an in-depth view and actively taking part in the daily work of an experienced organization. The practice also provides the opportunity to increase organizational consciousness, strengthen collegial bonds, and generate regional knowledge and cultural sharing. Both Res Artis and Kooshk Residency will promote the program and its outcomes on their websites and social media. 

Kooshk residency offers free accommodation and studio space for this program. The maximum length of stay is one month. The managers are responsible for all their other expenses such as airfare, insurance, visa fees, and living costs. 

How to apply
Arts residency managers can apply by filling the online form at
Hard-copy and email submissions are not accepted.
There is no deadline for this open call.
Inquire here with any questions: