Selected Artists of Iran-Bangladesh Exchange Program

With great pleasure, selected artists of Iran-Bangladesh exchange program have been announced. Hamed Jaberha from Iran and Morshed Muhammad Hasan from Bangladesh have been selected to participate in this exchange program organized by Kooshk Residency and Pathshala.

This program will be held in two parts. For the first part held from 1-31 July, 2016, the Bangladeshi artist has the opportunity to work in Tehran, Iran and collaborate with the Iranian artists. During this time, the space will be open to a local public of artists, students, and art critics. The program will end with a presentation and a panel discussion.
The second part will be held from 7 January till 7 February, 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The same Bangladeshi and Iranian artists will participate in the second part. There will be a presentation and a panel discussion at the end as well.