Iran – Belgium: Second Part of The Exchange Program

Maryam Ashkanian, the Iranian selected artist for Iran-Belgium Program has headed to Antwerp, Belgium.

Maryam Ashkanian creates artworks by weaving, sowing, and embroidering textiles. Her practice develops itself in different series: threedimensional monumental textiles hung in frames; embroidered cushions. Her images refer to the complex relationship between men and anatomy. Maryam Ashkanian unveils the hidden relationships existing between them, but also between men and its environment.

Maryma Ashkanian graduated in 2012 with a bachelor in painting at the Art Faculty of Gilan University, Rasht, Gilan. She was invited for the following solo exhibitions (a selection): Sleep, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, 2014; Sculpture, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, 2013; Epitome, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, 2012; Un title, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, 2011. The works of Maryam Ashkanian were also on view in the following group exhibitions (a selection): Perception, Edinburg Iranian Festival, Edinburgh, 2015; Thread, Total Arts at Courtyard, Dubai, UAE, 2014; Unexposed 40 women Artists from Iran, Ethnographic Museum, Warsaw, 2013; Expanding worlds, Endjavi-Barbé Art Projects, in Batiment d’art contemporain (BAC), Geneva, 2012.

Pieter Huybrehts, the Belgian artist was in Tehran for the first part of the program in May 2015.