Kooshk Residency


Kooshk residency, established in mid-2014, is a non-profit space for arts and culture in Tehran. Kooshk provides a convenient space for artists, curators, researchers, writers and filmmakers to encourage inter-cultural dialogue and art creation. Kooshk strives to contribute to the development of Iranian art and culture through participation in international exchange programs with cultural institutes worldwide. These exchange programs allow the blending of cultures, provoke creativity and foster beneficial connections among nations. Kooshk welcomes and encourages qualified individuals from any discipline to contribute to the formation of this cultural movement by applying to use the facilities provided in Kooshk residences and studios.
Participants in the Kooshk residency program can devote themselves to their art, exchange ideas and take part in the international exchange, partnership and awards programs while residing in a new country.

Participants quickly become familiar with Tehran cultural and artistic atmosphere and build a vast network of artistic affiliations. Meanwhile, the complicated situations of Tehran and its rich cultural and artistic atmosphere can evoke inspirations for upcoming researches and art creations. Visiting artists’ workshops, open studios, artist talks and educational activities scheduled for exchange programs facilitate making specialized connections of attendants with Iranian artistic and cultural associations and groups.

Studio – Place of Residency

Kooshk has equipped an independent residence/ studio facility in a beautiful and inspiring old building for international attendants of the international cultural exchange programs in order to evoke creativity in research and artistic creation. These facilities include:


Selection Criteria

Kooshk Residency strives to build a reputation based on the quality of the programs it holds. Except for Kooshk Award which is offered annually to four outstanding artists of different disciplines to reside one month in Kooshk, the major positions for residency in Kooshk are through exchange programs. Each of the exchange programs has its own specific requirements and selection of the artists, curators, researchers, writers and filmmakers is made basically by a committee of promoters of that specific program, based on program requirements and specifications. Open calls and news pertaining to Kooshk programs will be published on Kooshk’s website, social networks and international residency networks. You can also register in the mailing of Kooshk for news and updates about residencies.

Exchange Programs

International exchanges and artist’s mobility are at the core of Kooshk’s projects. For our exchange programs we do not enter the conversation with the artist, but with the international art residencies, and in collaboration with them we shape a mutual plan to provide the facility for both Iranian and foreign artists to have the dialogue and thought exchange together in a specific period of time. Based on this program, the selected artists from Iran and other country get connected together and start a dialogue and collaboration together. Each program consists of two parts. In the first part the one-month-residency will be held in Iran and the second one in the selected art residence’s country ( or vice versa) with a gap of 2-6 months in between. This will be the time when both artists will be in contact together, working in distance. The selection of artists will be based on open call and by the jury team, consisting of Kooshk and the foreign organizers.

Artistes en Residence (France)
Organhaus Art Space (China)
Red Gate Residency (China)
AIR Antwerpen (Belgium)
Stiftelsen 3,14 (Norway)
Irish Musuem of Modern Art (Ireland)
Bag Factory (South Africa)
Pathshala (Bangladesh)
Viafarini (Italy)
Khoj (India)
Chhaap Foundation (India)
Arquetopia (M9exico)
Atelierhaus Salzamt (Austria)
1646 (Netherlands)
Hanger (Spain)
Pact Zollverein  (Germany)
Heritage (Greece)
Beethoven Foundation (Germany)
Space 118 (India)
Bozar (Belgium)
Tadeusz Kantor (poland)
PANAL 361 (Argantina)
IGAV (Italy)
Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art (Poland)
Videobrasil (Brasil)
ATSA (India)
NODE (Germany)

Partnership Programs

Kooshk works in partnership with local and international art institutes and with the cultural sections of foreign embassies in Tehran. In these programs, Kooshk provides artists with spaces in which to stay and studios in which work. Local institutes also collaborate with Kooshk by providing a space for open studios, artist talks, shows and presentations in case of need.
The aim for these partnerships is to develop the culture of residency in Iran and provide interaction between local institutes.

Rybon Art Center
Darbast Platform
NODE – Forum for Digital Arts – Basis E.V. (Germany)
Limited Access Festival
New Media Society
Deegar Platform

Kooshk Artist Residency Award (KARA)

The Kooshk Artist Residency Award has been undertaken to support the creativity of artists and the development of new ideas in the unique space of Tehran. This residency program is a chance for participants to undertake research and experimentation and to develop professionally while maintaining direct dialogue and exchange of ideas that nurture creativity and promote new methods of working and thinking. The Residency Award will be an annual month-long event and will be offered to four international artists selected from a variety of disciplines.
During the residency, Kooshk will provide a dynamic atmosphere in which international artists can work and exchange ideas with local artists, critics and researchers. The program balances working in a personal space and in collaboration with other artists with interacting with observers and the environment. Kooshk will endeavor to contribute to the growth of cultural and social perspectives by gathering local, national and international artists from a diverse spectrum of artistic disciplines in the cultural and artistic space of Tehran.

The application process is based on an open-call which is regularly launched by the Kooshk’s website. Applications will be processed in compliance with declared criteria by a jury of the award.
All expenses including flight tickets, accommodation, living expenses as well as a modest contribution toward materials will be paid by Kooshk.

Selection Criteria

• Competency of the application, including the quality of resumé and sample works
• Innovativeness of the proposal, outputs and concrete outcomes
• Compatibility of the proposal/plan with the award’s goals and the extent of the award’s significance in realising the proposal
• English language skills


Ehsan Rasoulof – Founder and Director

Maryam Bagheri – Executive Manager

Member of